Track Mode Car: Unveiling Tesla’s Performance-Boosting Feature

Envision the “track mode car” experience as a feature in Tesla that offers enhanced control over your electric vehicle, directing power towards performance-boosting systems such as traction, handling, and cooling. While “track mode” might invoke a mental image of a GPS tracker for your Tesla, it is indeed a performance-enhancing feature. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Track Mode, its benefits for performance, and the process to activate it on your Tesla.

track mode car

Tesla Track Mode Car Feature

Tesla’s Track Mode offers Model 3 Performance, Model Y Performance, and Model 3 Plaid owners a racecar-like driving experience, similar to engaging a track mode car. It does this by redirecting power from non-essential areas such as the entertainment system to traction control, handling, cooling, and the motor. Initially rolled out as a software update for the Model 3 Performance EV, this feature has been incorporated into the Model Y Performance and Model 3 Plaid as of January 2023.

Tesla’s Own Words: Track Car Mode

“Track Mode heightens cornering ability by smartly employing the motors, as well as the regenerative and traditional braking systems. Upon activation, the cooling system operates at a higher level during and after rigorous driving sessions to counterbalance the additional heat.”

Similar to a track mode car, it dynamically distributes power and effectively cools the drivetrain to sustain high performance for extended periods. Yet, it also gives drivers control over stability, handling, and traction from the car’s touchscreen prior to setting off.

Despite these advantages, Tesla advises using this mode exclusively on a closed-circuit driving track due to altered vehicle behavior and disabled driver-assist features that may not suit regular roads and highways.

How to Engage Track Car Mode?

Track Mode necessitates manual activation when the car is stationary and cannot be switched on while driving. The process includes:

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Navigating to Track Mode:

    It’s a quick trip – simply venture to Controls, make a pitstop at Pedals & Steering, and finally reach Track Mode. As you arrive, you’re greeted with the word “TRACK” lighting up your dashcam display. This is accompanied by a colorful diagram

  2. Tweaking Your Track Mode:

    Spot a popup window labeled “Track Mode Settings” waiting for your tap. Not there? No worries! A secondary route is just as straightforward – start from Controls, cruise through Pedals & Steering, and finally tap “Customize” neighboring the track mode setting.

track mode car

Is the Track Mode Car Beneficial?

Track Mode cools the powertrain, allowing for higher load operation without overheating. It also provides extra power for better steering and stability, especially in tight corners, enhancing driving performance. In addition, it can improve acceleration, as demonstrated by a Tesla Northwest & EVs video where a Tesla achieves 100 KmH in just under four seconds with Track Mode engaged and a 75/25 front bias.

However, remember that Track Mode disables certain features like Autopilot and entertainment features. It overrides the Slip Start setting and defaults the stopping mode to Roll. Plus, Track Mode requires sturdy racing tires, implying that less durable or cheaper tires could suffer damage. Thus, ensure your car is equipped to handle the additional stress before engaging in Track Mode.

Extra Track Mode Car Features

  • Track Mode boasts racing-themed features, such as a lap timer for recording your speed on the track.
  • An additional function is the G-Meter card, which diligently tracks the acceleration force during your drive.
  • A distinctive feature enables the recording of each lap as an individual video. It requires a USB drive for saving the footage.
  • Currently, Track Mode is an exclusive treat for performance models.
  • Tesla contemplates extending Track Mode to non-performance models as a paid over-the-air update in the future.

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In a nutshell, Tesla’s Track Mode presents a unique blend of exhilarating performance, enhanced control, and thoughtful features. Whether you seek to maneuver a racetrack or simply want a thrilling driving experience, this feature equips you with the tools you need. However, remember to adhere to safety guidelines, keeping in mind that the Track Mode is specifically designed for closed-circuit tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tesla Track Mode?

Tesla Track Mode is a performance-enhancing feature for certain Tesla models. It diverts power from non-essential systems to traction, handling, and cooling, enabling a racecar-like driving experience.

How do I activate Track Mode on my Tesla?

Navigate to Controls > Pedals & Steering > Track Mode in the menu. The word “TRACK” will appear on the dashcam display, indicating that Track Mode is active.

Can I customize my Track Mode settings?

Yes, you can adjust Track Mode settings by tapping the popup window labeled “Track Mode Settings” or through Controls > Pedals & Steering > Customize.

Does Track Mode improve my Tesla’s performance?

Yes, Track Mode enhances performance by cooling the powertrain for higher load operation and providing extra power for improved steering and stability, especially in tight corners.

Are there any additional features in Track Mode?

Yes, Track Mode includes racing-themed features such as a lap timer, a G-Meter card, and the ability to record each lap as a separate video, given a USB drive is inserted.

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