Twitter Security Flaw Exposing Private Posts to Unintended Users

Twitter has recently confirmed a security flaw that led to the exposure of Rodas posts. They were intended to be visible only to users’ closest friends. The privacy breach occurred within the platform’s Wheel feature, which is for sharing exclusive content with a select group of friends.

Reported Issues Regarding Twitter Security Flaw

The Wheel feature, similar to Instagram’s Close Friends setting, allows users to share private thoughts, images, or statements. This was all without the risk of disclosing them to a broader audience. However, users have reported for weeks that tweets from this tool were getting likes and views from accounts that shouldn’t have access to them. Twitter had previously not acknowledged the issue.

Twitter’s Admission and Response

In an email sent to affected users, Twitter admitted to the security incident. It stated that posts intended to be limited to the user’s circle were visible to users outside that circle. The company expressed regret for the occurrence and assured that the flaw had corrected “immediately.”

Twitter Security Flaw and Other Challenges Faced by Twitter

  • Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company in late 2022, Twitter has faced several challenges.
  • The company has experienced major employee cutbacks, resulting in a workforce reduction of at least 60%.
  • Cost-cutting measures led to unpaid bills for office space, cleaning supplies, and web hosting.
  • Finally, layoffs in content control teams have left the company vulnerable to potential fines in countries with strict content moderation laws.

Attempts to Regain User Trust

Twitter has taken steps to regain user trust, such as sharing part of its algorithm’s source code. However, the recent security flaw involving the Wheel feature might further damage the platform’s reputation and users’ confidence in its privacy measures.


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The recently acknowledged Twitter security flaw exposed private Rodas posts to unintended users, sparking concerns over the platform’s privacy and security measures. Amidst ongoing challenges since Elon Musk’s takeover, the company must address this issue and implement necessary improvements to regain user trust and maintain its position as a reliable social media platform.

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