Is Tears of the Kingdom Map the same as Breath of the Wind? Unveiling the Exciting Changes

There’s something captivating about delving into the uncharted territories of a new game, especially when it’s a sequel to a fan favorite like “Breath of the Wild.” At first glance, the Tears of the Kingdom map may appear to be a carbon copy of its predecessor’s, taking place in the same region of Hyrule. But, don’t be fooled! While the game may be set in the familiar realm of Hyrule, a closer look reveals a lot of exciting changes and new locations. So, is the Tears of the Kingdom map similar or identical? Well, kind of. Let’s delve into it.

Identifying the Similarities and the Differences: A New Twist on the Old

1. The Sheikah Tower and Shrines: Gone but Not Forgotten

For anyone who spent countless hours in Breath of the Wild, the Sheikah Tower and the Shrines were iconic parts of the landscape. Now, these structures have vanished, replaced by glowing flowers where the tower once stood. While you may still spot familiar landmarks, a myriad of new locations have sprung up across the Tears of the Kingdom map.

Tears of the Kingdom map
Tears of the Kingdom map

2. Sky Islands: Taking Hyrule to New Heights

The advent of the Sky Islands has added an entirely new dimension to the Hyrule map. The once-flat landscape now has an impressive verticality with floating islands, making the game more expansive and adventurous. The creation of these Sky Islands has introduced new mechanics like Ascend, giving you an opportunity to explore the vast aerial territories. Each floating island boasts unique landscapes, climates, and locations, making your exploration all the more thrilling.

3. Underground Depths: A Chilling Underworld

Going beyond the skies, the Tears of the Kingdom map also takes you underground. This new underworld dimension is a stark contrast from the bright, open skies, where different rules apply, and you’ll need Brightbloom seeds to light your way. One wrong step in a dimly lit environment or along narrow passages could be costly. The suspense and tension in this region make for an exhilarating gaming experience.

Tears of Kingdom map

The Evolution of Iconic Locations: A Tale of Transformation

1. Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village, one of the regions that have seen the most change, now bears the scars of an attack from the Sky Islands. The once thriving village is now punctuated with ring-like ruins, presenting a picture of a community struggling to rebuild.


2. Gerudo Town

Gerudo town, another once bustling locale, now echoes with an eerie silence. The town’s inhabitants have gone into hiding, transforming it into a ghost town. However, this means Link doesn’t have to sneak into the town anymore, which could be considered a silver lining.


3. Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle, the iconic center of Hyrule, has undergone a dramatic transformation too. The once-grounded castle is now a floating fortress, its surrounding region blooming with renewed vigor.

Tears of the Kingdom map

4. Zora’s Domain

Zora’s Domain has also seen its fair share of change, most notably with the disappearance of its central shrine and statue. However, it remains one of the least changed locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

tears of the kingdom

5. The Shrine of Resurrection

The Shrine of Resurrection is also gone, but the location now offers a breathtaking view of the floating islands and Hyrule. It’s a sight to behold and also presents new encounters for you to discover.


6. The Lost Woods

While the Lost Woods may seem familiar, it has been tainted by Gloom’s dark magic, and finding the center of the woods has become a whole new challenge.

Tears of the Kingdom map

Reusing the Map of Hyrule: A Strategy, Not a Shortcoming

There has been some criticism regarding the reuse of the Hyrule map, with claims that it takes away from the novelty of the game. However, the game developers insist this was a strategic decision. The ideas they had for Tears of the Kingdom were designed to merge seamlessly with the region of Hyrule and translating these ideas onto a different map would have detracted from the continuity and coherence of the game.

The developers have also introduced many changes to the map, breathing fresh life into the game. From the disappearance of iconic locations to the addition of cliffs, Sky Islands, and the Underworld, they have crafted an exciting new experience even for those familiar with Hyrule.

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Concluding comments

In conclusion, Tears of the Kingdom offers a refreshing take on the Hyrule map. While the region may be the same, there is an entirely new world waiting for you to discover, filled with unexpected surprises and challenges. So, strap on your adventure boots and prepare to see Hyrule in a new light! What changes are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Don’t forget to check out the Tears of the Kingdom Wiki.

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