How to Determine Who Unfollowed You on Facebook?

On the bustling stage of Facebook where political banter and contentious discussions dominate the scene, the desire to distance oneself from certain individuals is not unusual. In the same vein, the likelihood of others wishing to unfollow you is also a stark reality. Given the recent revelations about CEO Mark Zuckerberg prioritizing growth over user privacy, curiosity around determining who has unfollowed Facebook users is justifiable. This piece aims to divulge this useful Facebook tip.

Unfollowed Facebook

How to Check Who Unfollowed You on Facebook?

Unfollowing can be detected either manually or automatically. To manually confirm if someone unfriended you, see the below steps:

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. Identifying the Challenge

    Manually reviewing your “Friends” and “Followers” lists on Facebook can be quite laborious. Constant vigilance over your friend count is required to notice when someone unfriends you.

  2. Efficient Solution

    Luckily, there’s a more streamlined solution to uncover who unfollowed Facebook users. The ‘Who Deleted Me’ extension, available for Google Chrome and Firefox, simplifies the process considerably.

  3. Monitor Unfollows

    Once logged into your Facebook account, ‘Who Deleted Me’ saves your current friends list. On each subsequent interaction with the app, a recheck of your list is triggered, informing you of any changes.

  4. Distinguishing Unfriended Users

    One standout feature of this app is its ability to differentiate between users who’ve unfriended you and those who’ve merely deactivated their accounts.

  5. Cautionary Note

    However, Sarah Evans, a digital PR specialist, warns that this extension is still in beta testing. It’s also worth noting that using this extension grants a third-party access to your Facebook contacts.

  6. Potential Reasons

    Finally, the app, unfortunately, doesn’t provide reasons behind unfriending. Overposting or committing certain Facebook faux pas could be causes, prompting a need for reevaluation of your online activities.

Unfollowed Facebook

Manually Check Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

Unfollowing can be detected either manually or automatically. To manually confirm if someone unfriended you, scan your friend list for the suspected individual. If they’re absent, your hunch may be right. However, keep in mind they could have deactivated or deleted their account, so it’s prudent not to rush to conclusions. Digital Marketing Specialist at Emerald Digital, Michael Vaughan, suggests a trick to verify if someone unfollowed you. Navigate to the ‘More’ tab on your profile page, select ‘Followers’, and if a friend is conspicuously missing, it implies they’ve unfollowed you.

Unfollow vs. Unfriend

Unfriending and unfollowing on Facebook universe offers two distinct pathways when it comes to distancing oneself from others – unfriending and unfollowing. Unfriending is akin to cutting the digital cord, as it severs the tie between two profiles completely. You vanish from each other’s friend list, and updates from the unfriended party no longer grace your news feed. Depending on privacy settings, they might also be unable to message you directly without a prior request. Conversely, unfollowing is more like quietly fading into the background. You stay friends, but their updates cease to appear on your feed. Regardless of which route you take, ensuring you stay safe from possible Facebook Messenger scams is paramount.


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In conclusion, unmasking those who have unfollowed you on Facebook may seem akin to solving a tricky riddle. However, leveraging tools like ‘Who Deleted Me’ can illuminate this enigma, rendering it a breeze instead of a brain-teaser. Still, it’s vital to approach these resources with prudence, keeping the digital footprints we leave and potential privacy implications in mind. Remember, it’s not just about knowing the numbers, but ensuring the sanctity of your virtual sphere as you navigate through the fascinating yet unpredictable waters of social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can ‘Who Deleted Me’ help me identify who unfollowed me on Facebook?

‘Who Deleted Me’ is an extension that logs your current friends list and notifies you of any changes.

Is ‘Who Deleted Me’ safe to use?

While it is in beta testing, it does require granting a third-party access to your Facebook contacts.

What could be the reasons someone unfriends me on Facebook?

Overposting or breaching certain Facebook etiquettes could be potential reasons.

Can ‘Who Deleted Me’ show if a friend has deactivated their account?

Yes, the app distinguishes between users who’ve unfriended you and those who’ve deactivated their accounts.

Is ‘Who Deleted Me’ available for all browsers?

Currently, ‘Who Deleted Me’ is available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

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