UNIST Tier List: Choosing Your Fighter in Under Night In-Birth

Hey there, fighting game enthusiasts! Welcome to the battlefield of the intense and high-octane game, UNIST (Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]). Released back in 2012, UNIST has been the go-to game for fans craving intense one-on-one battles. Boasting a roster of twenty unique characters, each armed with unique skills and abilities, choosing the right fighter is key to mastering the game. But where to start? This detailed tier list guide is here to help you!

Navigating UNIST’s Character Pool

Before we dive into the tier list, let’s take a moment to appreciate the diverse array of characters in UNIST. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows PC, and Arcade. Each character possesses unique fighting moves that can deal a devastating blow to your opponents. Whether you prefer zoners, mix-ups, or trappers, UNIST’s character list has something for everyone.


Tier S: The Elite Characters

The Tier-S list is where the crème de la crème resides. These are your top-tier characters, the fighters that give you an edge in intense matches.

  • Vatista: A blend of zoner, charge, pressure, and trapper styles. Specialty? Nullifying counters.
  • Linne: Known for her mobility, rush down, and bully style. Special skills include double jump and dash cancel.
  • Phonon: A multi-ranged zoner with a deadly whip named Muniel.
  • Hilda: An aggressive zoner wielding the Dress of Darkness: Masquerade.

Tier A: Strong and Dependable

Next, we have the Tier-A fighters. These characters may not be as dominant as the S tier, but they hold their ground pretty well.

  • Hyde: An all-rounder with impressive mix-ups. Wields The Insulator.
  • Wagner: Known for her rush-down style, armed with Flame Brand and Ancile.
  • Gordeau: Offensive style, mix-ups, known for his move Assimilation.
  • Waldstein: The powerful grappler with the move Destroyers.
  • Byakuya: Offensive, excels in stage control and trapping with Chelicerata.

Tier B: Balanced and Versatile

Likewise, Tier-B characters are great for players looking for a balanced and versatile play style.

  • Orie: A rush-down, bully-style fighter with The Ruler.
  • Chaos: Known for his offensive style, mix-ups, and trapping, he uses Azhi Dahaka.
  • Merkava: Famous for mix-ups and flight ability.
  • Eltnum: A rush-down, bully-style fighter. Her weapons? Pistols and a mid-air throw.

Tier C: The Underdogs

Next up, C-Tier. These fighters might not be top-tier, but underestimation might cost you the game.

  • Seth: Known for rush down, mobility, and pressure. Skills include midair dash and backstep.
  • Akatsuki: A versatile fighter with mix-ups, double jump, and an alternative normal attack.
  • Nanase: A rush-down-style fighter with a move called Zephyr.

Tier D: The Challengers

Similarly, the D-tier fighters, though not the strongest, can certainly add a twist to your game.

  • Mika: A bully-style character with Pachelbel Cannon.
  • Londrekia: Known for his mid-range mix-ups and Freeze Count.
  • Carmine: Specializes in mix-ups, pressure, and trapping. His weapon? Dissolve.
  • Yuzuriha: Famous for her mix-ups, zoner style, and mobility. She uses Battoujutsu Stance.

Tier F: The Wildcards

Finally, the F Tier. This tier hosts Enkidu, an aggressive mix-up style character with the move Havoc.

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Final Words

To sum up, In the heated arena of UNIST, your character choice can dictate the outcome of the battle. With a diverse roster, each offering unique playstyles and specialties, the game provides a rich and thrilling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie embarking on your first fighting journey, this tier list offers an insightful guide to selecting your fighter. Ultimately, it’s suggested to strike a balance between the player you like and the respective moves and advantages they have. This is especially important for beginners who haven’t previously played a game such as UNIST. Additionally, for further interest in the character move sets visit the UNIST Wiki page.

Remember, while tier lists are helpful, ultimately, the best character is the one you enjoy playing the most! So, strap in, pick your fighter, and let the epic battles of UNIST begin! Game on, warriors!

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