Warframe: A Guide to Hollowed Bullets, Automatic Trigger, and Dual Rounds

Greetings, Tenno! Ready for a new mission in the expansive universe of Warframe? Ever wondered how to get your hands on the powerful Hollowed Bullets, Automatic Trigger, and Dual Rounds mods? Well, look no further! This handy guide will navigate you through the celestial battlefield to help you procure these desirable mods.

Where To Find Them: Warframe Archwing Interception Missions

First things first, where can you find these much-coveted mods? The answer is hidden amidst the stars in the Archwing Interception missions. Intriguing, right? Each of these mods has the potential to drop as a rotation reward during these missions. You might wonder, what are these rotation rewards? In essence, they are the rewards you earn every few rounds, specifically on rounds 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, and so on.

Now that we have pinpointed the location let’s talk strategy.


Strategy: The Art of Choosing Your Archwing

In the vast cosmos of Warframe, strategy is key. Picking the right archwing for these missions is crucial. While you have the freedom to bring just about any archwing into the battle, remember to consider your strengths. Are you capable of eliminating enemies in the mission quickly? Gauge your abilities and prepare for combat.

The beauty of this mission lies in its fairness. It’s not as arduous as farming other rare mods. The most common item in the drop pool has a significant 38% drop chance. Plus, Hollowed Bullets, Automatic Trigger, and Dual Rounds share the same drop chance as the other mods in the reward pool.

The Warframe Unpredictability Factor: RNG

But wait, there’s a twist in the tale! The Random Number Generator (RNG) of the game. It’s the unpredictable element that might either rain fortune upon you or prove to be a disappointment. Depending on how RNG rolls, you could end up with your sought-after mods sooner than expected, or you might have to endure a bit longer. But hey, isn’t that part of the thrill of playing Warframe?


Final Thoughts

In the riveting world of Warframe, the journey to acquiring Hollowed Bullets, Automatic Trigger, and Dual Rounds mods is fraught with adventure and unpredictability. Navigate through Archwing Interception missions, strategize your archwing choice, and brace yourself for the whims of RNG.

Keep in mind, it’s not just about the destination (aka the mods), but also about the journey. Every mission, every combat, every moment is an opportunity to hone your skills and grow stronger.

Ready to embark on this exciting quest? Get your Warframes geared up and step into the cosmos. And remember, in the universe of Warframe, fortune favors the bold. Good luck, Tenno!

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