What does the x mean on Snapchat?

Millions of people around the world use Snapchat every day to send and view photos and videos from their friends and followers. Snapchat’s use of icons and symbols to express meaning is one of its distinguishing qualities. The question “what does the X imply on Snapchat?” is among the most often question on the app. We will discuss the significance of Snapchat’s X symbol in this article.

What does the x mean on Snapchat?

Several various meanings can be attributed to Snapchat X, but its most typical function is to signify that a snap or message has been erased. Users have the option of permanently erasing snaps they have shared with others or posted to their stories. Snaps and messages you delete highlight with an X on the recipient’s screen.

When a person sends a photo or message that they later come to regret or no longer want others to see, they may simply delete it using this tool. After they delete the snap or message, you can’t recover it from Snapchat and cannot possibly create any trouble.

What is the use of Snapchat X?

Snapchat X is also frequently used to signal that a recipient has not yet viewed a sent snap or message. A user may check if the receiver has opened a snap or message they have sent them. If the user has not yet opened the photo or message, a grey arrow will appear next to it. If the user views the snapshot or message, however, the arrow will appear.

Snapchat will automatically erase a sent snap or message after a set length of time if it’s still unseen. In this case, an X will display next to the photo or message to indicate that the user hasn’t seen and Snapchat remove it.

Reason for Snapchat X Appearance

The Snapchat X may also occur in the context of a user’s Snapchat rating. A Snapchat user’s score is a numerical representation of the total amount of snaps they have sent and received. An X will replace a user’s name in a friend list if they have a Snapchat score of zero.

If a person has an X instead of a score, it means they have neither sent nor received any snaps on the site. There is no requirement for a user to have a large Snapchat score in order to use the app, but many people find enjoyment in working to boost their score via active use.


Finally, Snapchat X might have numerous meanings based on the surrounding content. In most cases, it means that the receiver has either deleted or not opened the associated snap or message. Also, if a user has a 0.0 Snapchat rating, this icon may display next to their name. Snapchat users who take the time to familiarise themselves with the various functions of the X icon on the app’s interface have a richer, more satisfying experience overall.

People Also Asked

Q: Can I see deleted snaps or messages on Snapchat?

A: When a snap or message is erased, it can’t be recovered or seen again.

Q: How long do unopened snaps and messages last on Snapchat?

A: During the first 30 days after they are sent, Snapchat will save any snaps or messages that go unopened.

Q: Can I turn off the X feature on Snapchat?

A: No, the X feature is integral to Snapchat’s operation and you cannot turn it off.

Q: Does the X appear if I delete a snap or message before the recipient opens it?

A: The receiver will not notice a red X on their screen if you delete a snap or message before they open it.

Q: What does it mean if a snap or message has a fill-in arrow next to it?

A: If the arrow adjacent to a photo or message got fil in, it means the receiver has seen it.


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