Windows 11 Mobile Concept | A Peek into Microsoft’s New System

Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows 10 Mobile support in 2020. Enthusiasts still crave a potential contender to Android and iOS. The “AR 4789” channel designer unveiled a concept of what a Windows 11 Mobile might look like. It will be like a mobile operating system, drawing its design and functionalities heavily from the desktop version.

Windows 11 Mobile Concept: A Visual Walkthrough

The concept video kicks off by unveiling the main screen filled with a plethora of widgets and pinned apps. The iconic “Start” menu situates itself on a bottom bar that auto-hides to maximize viewing space, flanked by dedicated buttons for “Workspaces” and “Search.”

Moreover, Delving into the menu reveals an adapted Windows 11 desktop version, with pinned applications neatly grouped atop the screen and displayed in a list format. To facilitate easy reopening, the screen’s lower half showcases recent files.

File Explorer and System Settings

File Explorer supports a similar design—particularly the icons, with the key difference being the option to create tabs. The system settings menu stands out as comprehensive, topped with a search bar for convenient navigation.

The concept further uncovers a notification center that, despite an Android-like structure, flaunts the icons and style characteristic of Windows 11. Key shortcuts to functions like brightness control, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, find their place here.

Windows 11 Mobile Concept

Windows 11 Mobile Concept Is a Dream?

Despite its allure, this is merely a concept that may never materialize, given Microsoft’s apparent disinterest in re-entering the mobile systems market, particularly after the underwhelming performance of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. Furthermore, Microsoft’s choice of Android for the Surface Duo 2 underscores this reality.

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While the Windows 11 Mobile concept offers a tantalizing glimpse into what could be, it remains an unlikely dream. However, this creative endeavor underscores the desire for diverse mobile operating system choices, highlighting a potential market space that tech giants may yet explore.

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