WordPress Shuts Down Sharing on Twitter | API Pricing Dispute

WordPress shuts down sharing of its automatic publication-sharing feature on Twitter due to an inability to reach an agreement on API pricing. The decision comes after Twitter released new API values in March, impacting various companies, including WordPress.

The Impact of New Twitter API Pricing

WordPress would have needed to subscribe to Twitter’s enterprise API plan, with the cheapest subscription costing $42,000 per month or $504,000 per year. However, WordPress had to negotiate a custom plan, as it handles significantly more customers than the most expensive API subscription, which would have exceeded BRL 13 million per year.

WordPress Shuts down Sharing on Twitter Confirms Decision Based on API Pricing

In a statement on Jetpack’s official page, a WordPress sharing service, the company confirmed that the inability to agree on API pricing led to the termination of the Twitter sharing feature. Despite attempts to negotiate new terms, no agreement was reached. It resulted in the discontinuation of automatic Twitter sharing via Jetpack Social.

New Sharing Features | WordPress shuts down sharing on Twitter

WordPress revealed plans to introduce automatic sharing options for Instagram and Mastodon. Moreover, the company expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to users and stated that it acted in the best interest of their experience.

WordPress shuts down sharing on Twitter

Other Institutions Affected by Twitter API Pricing

WordPress is not alone in discontinuing Twitter API usage due to pricing concerns. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York stopped posting real-time subway information on Twitter. They cite a $50,000 per month API charge. Additionally, Microsoft’s termination of Xbox gameplay clip sharing on Twitter got speculation. It was due to API pricing. Although no official reason has been provided.

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WordPress’s decision to shut down sharing on Twitter is a significant development. Jetpack Social is used by over 5 million websites, and approximately 43% of internet pages are hosted on WordPress. Furthermore, the dispute over API pricing has had a considerable impact on various institutions. It raises questions about the future of automatic sharing and API pricing structures.

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