Discerning Authenticity: Identify an Original iPhone Charger

Amid a whirlpool of controversy, Apple heralded a paradigm shift in 2020 by discontinuing the inclusion of chargers with new iPhones. Consequently, iPhone users are now compelled to purchase this vital accessory separately. With a rise in unauthorized sellers offering these products at enticingly lower prices, the risk of procuring substandard ‘off-brand’ items that could potentially harm devices has grown significantly. This article unveils a comprehensive guide to spotting an original iPhone charger and Lightning cable.

Original iPhone Charger

Original iPhone Charger | MFi Certification

Integral to Apple’s product verification process is the MFi (Made for iPhone) seal. Authentic Apple products or those manufactured by authorized brands invariably feature this MFi seal on their packaging. Another hallmark of genuine Apple accessories is the comprehensive user manual, professionally bound and provides accurate information. Conversely, counterfeit products often include rudimentary inserts with potentially erroneous details.

Understanding Adapter and Cable Attributes

Reflecting Apple’s commitment to quality and detail, the iPhone Charger and Lightning Cable both bear a refined finish. These products also feature certain standard details that serve as markers of authenticity. Genuine Apple chargers, including those produced by partner brands, carry gray laser-etched information. This information includes the power in watts, amperage, and certification seals from European safety (CE) or local regulatory bodies, such as Anatel in Brazil. Moreover, the charger must carry the country of origin and serial number.

Original iPhone Charger | Lightning Cable

Identifying a genuine Lightning cable demands a more discerning eye. These items usually feature an 18 cm long cord with a USB end for plugging into the wall adapter. Key indicators of authenticity include a gray laser-engraved message “Designed by Apple in California” accompanied by the inscriptions “Assembled in China”, “Assembled in Vietnam”, or “Indústria Brasileira”. Furthermore, they should also contain a 12-digit serial number.

How to assess Loading Speed of Charger?

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Recognizing Authenticity

    Genuine Apple accessories demonstrate performance that’s a cut above the rest, particularly when it comes to device charging. An authentic iPhone charger or Lightning cable generally powers iPhones up to approximately 50% in around 30 minutes.

  2. Charging Speed and Adapter Power

    The charging speed may, however, differ, contingent on the adapter’s power, expressed in watts, and the capacity of the phone’s battery. Yet the high performance of original Apple accessories remains a significant marker of authenticity.

  3. Parallel Chargers

    Parallel chargers present a stark contrast. These counterparts, devoid of appropriate technology, often require twice the time to charge iPhones. Worse still, they may inflict damage on the phone’s power input, highlighting the superiority and reliability of genuine Apple accessories.

The Importance of Original Accessories

Despite the allure of cheaper alternatives, the performance quality of parallel iPhone chargers and Lightning cables is inconsistent. These items might even reduce your smartphone’s lifespan. Thus, procuring products from physical stores or the official Apple website is highly recommended. Authorized brands like Anker, Belkin, and i2GO also offer products through major retailers.

Original iPhone Charger

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Should you inadvertently purchase a counterfeit iPhone charger or Lightning cable, refrain from testing the accessory as it could potentially damage your device. If within the return period, contact the seller and initiate a return process promptly. Investing in original Apple accessories not only ensures the safety and superior performance but also contributes to long-term device health and sustainability.

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