How to Use ChatGPT Without a Phone Number

ChatGPT Without a Phone Number

Navigating the digital realm often feels like a trade-off between convenience and privacy. With OpenAI’s ChatGPT, while we relish the remarkable AI interaction, the phone verification step might seem like a daunting hurdle for the privacy-savvy among us. But what if there was a way to relish ChatGPT without a phone number? Let’s unravel this … Read more

12 Remarkable Things You Can Do with ChatGPT

Chromebook Screenshot

Ever pondered over the diverse ways ChatGPT, the dynamic language processing tool, can revolutionize your routine tasks? Whether it’s engaging with a digital assistant or generating text, the list of things you can do with ChatGPT is intriguingly expansive. Let’s delve into how ChatGPT can optimize your personal tasks or business, irrespective of your expertise … Read more

8 Big Problems With OpenAI’s ChatGPT: The Hidden Pitfalls of the Promising AI

Problems With OpenAI's ChatGPT

If you’ve been following the latest tech news, you’ve probably heard about ChatGPT, a powerful AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. Although it’s impressive and has the potential to revolutionize how we communicate with technology, it’s not without its own set of problems. From security breaches to privacy concerns, let’s delve into some of the biggest … Read more

Infinix Integrating ChatGPT into Virtual Assistant with Note 30 5G

infinix note 30 chatgpt

The tech world is continuing to evolve at a breathtaking pace. Infinix, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that began operations in Brazil in 2021, is stepping up its game. The company is gearing up to launch an innovative model of the Note 30 series that comes with ChatGPT “right out of the box”. The smartphone making … Read more

Discover ‘Chatbot’ for Spotify: Playlist Based on Mood

Chatbot for Spotify

Filtr Music is a unique, interactive chatbot available free for both Android and iPhone (iOS) users. An initiative by Sony Music Brasil, this tool crafts personalized playlists, catering to individual musical tastes and moods. To utilize this exciting feature, you’ll have to engage in a dialogue with the bot, responding to several queries. These will … Read more

AutoGPT vs ChatGPT | AutoGPT: A Potent Challenger to ChatGPT

AutoGPT vs ChatGPT

There is a new discission in Town i.e. AutoGPT vs ChatGPT. AutoGPT, an open-source platform, emerges as a fierce competitor to ChatGPT. Its brainchild, Toran Bruce, has equipped it with sophisticated AI models, enabling intricate tasks such as sending Gmail emails or crafting complete websites. Despite its superior autonomy and power compared to ChatGPT, AutoGPT’s … Read more

Bing AI Conversation Responses with Image Integration

Bing AI Conversation Responses

Microsoft’s Bing is taking its AI-powered conversation responses to the next level, introducing image integration and conversation export options. The enhancements, announced on the 12th, aim to make this search engine even more efficient and user-friendly. Bing AI Conversation Responses: The New Experience Microsoft’s latest update to Bing offers a more visual experience, with images … Read more

Study Reveals ChatGPT Struggles with Math Compared to Humans

ChatGPT Struggles with Math

A recent study by scientists at Brigham Young University (BYU) reveals that ChatGPT struggles with math, scoring lower in accounting tests compared to human participants. Despite its limitations, the AI chatbot shows potential for enhancing teaching and learning processes. Research Overview: ChatGPT vs. Humans The study, published in Issues in Accounting Education, involved 327 participants … Read more

ChatGPT Apps to Download on Your Smartphone Today

ChatGPT Apps

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, offers intriguing features such as summarizing texts and solving mathematical calculations. Although it doesn’t have a dedicated app, numerous ChatGPT apps are available for both iPhone (iOS) and Android devices. ChatGPT Apps Here’s a list of seven ChatGPT apps you can download on your smartphone today. AI … Read more